Good news if you happen to have an F90 M5 and are looking for more power as Dinan is launching a stage 1 kit. The $799.95 software upgrade is limited to the 2018-2020 models and includes the more potent Competition version. In addition, the S63 engine can also be tweaked in the 2018-2020 X5 M, X6 M, and the M8, together with their Competition versions.

You will find all the relevant numbers regarding power increases in the table below. Dinan touts gains of up to 130 hp and nearly 200 lb-ft at the wheel provided you’re using 93 octane fuel. The software revision also brings boosts in power for 91, 100, and 104 types of fuel, along with rescaled gauges to match the extra oomph.

Aside from unlocking more horses from the twin-turbo V8, Dinan removes the top speed limiter and modifies the pedal fell to reflect the increase in power. More important is the promise of maintaining the engine’s reliability intact courtesy of making calibrations to keep all the factory safeguards intact. Additional protections are added by the tuner to prevent the S63 from malfunctioning.

Being purely a software upgrade, there are no additional parts that have to be installed. The stage 1 kit enables improved on-track performance by revising the Sport mode for lower coolant temperatures. Not only that, but Dinan matches the factory new car warranty (4 years / 50,000 miles) with the 91 octane calibration.

As for providing a stage 1 program for 21MY cars and newer ones, Dinan doesn’t know when it will become available. A company representative told members of the BimmerPost forums: “Until encryption on the 21+ DME’s is cracked/bypassed I couldn’t even begin to give an approximate timetable. Breakthrough could happen tomorrow or it could happen weeks/months from now.”

When asked why the factory-matching warranty is only for the 91 octane calibration, Dinan responded: “The warrantied file (Dinan+) is limited to the 91 octane calibration. You can run 93 on it and you will gain some slight benefit as the ECU will naturally adapt a bit of timing to compensate but it would not be fully optimized for 93 like the full 93 file.

The other octane calibrations are equally as safe – when they are run as intended. We don’t offer warranty on the other calibrations simply because we can’t be certain folks will actually run the files within the proper parameters (actually run 104 octane on the 104 file as opposed to 91 as an example) and thus we could be liable for a warranty claim through no fault of our own.”

[Source: Dinan via BimmerPost]

Stock as Reported by BMW600 HP553 LB-FT
Stock as Measured by Dinan681 HP650 LB-FT
DINAN + / 4YR/50K / $1,899.95
Dinan + (91 Octane)753 HP787 LB-FT+106 HP+158 LB-FT
STAGE 1 / LIMITED / $799.95
91 Octane753 HP787 LB-FT+106 HP+158 LB-FT
93 Octane783 HP822 LB-FT+135 HP+200 LB-FT
100 Octane818 HP831 LB-FT+167 HP+197 LB-FT
104 Octane844 HP840 LB-FT+193 HP+206 LB-FT
Stock as Reported by BMW617 HP553 LB-FT
Stock as Measured by Dinan707 HP649 LB-FT
DINAN + / 4YR/50K / $1,899.95
Dinan + (91 Octane)753 HP787 LB-FT+115 HP+170 LB-FT
STAGE 1 / LIMITED / $799.95
91 Octane753 HP787 LB-FT+115 HP+170 LB-FT
93 Octane783 HP822 LB-FT+144 HP+214 LB-FT
100 Octane818 HP831 LB-FT+165 HP+209 LB-FT
104 Octane844 HP840 LB-FT+187 HP+218 LB-FT