Portugal-based car detailing company “Pura” stumbled upon an abandoned 1971 BMW 2002 back in 2020. It had been rotting away for years in a garage after the owner decided to halt the restoration project. These pro detailers have been bringing it back to life by fixing cosmetic problems and getting rid of rats. Yes, really. The latest episode from the YouTube series shows the 3 Series’ ancestor getting a much-needed paint correction.

The first order of business was to thoroughly clean the car and then cover the trim pieces. Attached at the bottom, the previous episode shows the body was in need of some TLC by replacing the front end. Since the car was partially restored about a decade ago, Pura is only fixing whatever’s left to take care of.

For those with time to spare, the series contains videos about cleaning the M10 engine and revitalizing the wooden gear knob. In other words, every aspect of the 2002 is getting the necessary attention to restore the OEM look as much as possible. Hopefully, Pura will have enough time to finish the project throughout the course of this year.

It’s unclear why the restoration process was abandoned by the owner roughly a decade ago. On the flip side, the Portuguese detailer is determined to put the 2002 back where it belongs – on the road. Because this isn’t a client’s car, all the work is done after hours, hence why it’s taking so long to bring it back to its original shape as much as possible.

We will be keeping an eye on the project as we’re eager to see the end result. It’s looking promising thus far, but there’s more work to be done on the inside where the headliner will have to be replaced. In case you’re curious to find out in what state the car was discovered, the first video of the series can be accessed here.

Source: [Pura – Cars & Detail / YouTube]