The Consumer Electronics Show 2022 is now in full swing and, as promised, BMW is there with a couple of very interesting novelties. We’ve already seen the BMW iX M60 break cover and read all about its specs. This time though, we’re checking out another feature BMW promised, namely the color-changing paint technology.

The German automaker stated in the run-up to the show that it would unveil “a technology that changes the external color of a vehicle with the press of a button.” For now, BMW has been mum on the topic, refusing to disclose any other information regarding the paint. However, the guys from ‘Out of Spec Studios’ posted a video of it in action, on Twitter.

The clip begins with the iX dressed up in a plain shade of dark grey, but it abruptly transforms to white, looking as if the system was engaged by a man standing next to the SUV. After that, the paint begins to fade from grey to white.

Many interesting innovations and features are introduced by car manufacturers and technology companies at CES normally, and while we’re excited about seeing color-changing paints on our cars in the future, it’s important to note that not all of them become reality. At this moment it’s unclear whether BMW will be offering this tech on its production cars, but as a trick, it will definitely catch your eye.

There might be some technical issues preventing BMW from offering it to a wider audience. According to the tweet posted above, it looks like the tech is quite temperature sensitive and the BMW people apparently had to pull the car into the shade in order to get it to work. Even so, this is truly a spectacular view and we’re very curious to learn all about how it works and see where it can take car design in the future.