You’ve probably seen your fair share of BMW M3 Touring replica builds, but most have been based on a previous-generation 3 Series wagon (F31). This impressive build goes further back in time, specifically to 2000 when BMW secretly built a one-off M3 with a long roof based on the E46 generation. It won’t be until later next year when there will actually be a series production M3 Touring.

Until then, someone has taken matters into his own hands to build his very own high-performance Bavarian wagon. YouTuber Calvin’s Car Diary is patiently waiting for his speedy “hybrid” to be finalized after combining a 3 Series Touring with an M3 Coupe. Even though it’s still a work-in-progress car, the unofficial M3 Touring E46 is already a faithful interpretation of BMW’s own concept from 21 years ago.

Originally red, the one-of-a-kind car was recently painted to match the Chrome Shadow Metallic color of its source of inspiration from which it has also borrowed the wheel design. It does look factory fresh as aside from the new coat of paint and shiny alloys, it has new lenses for the xenon headlights, original M3 mirrors adapted for the Touring body, and OEM front fender grilles. The owner did make one change compared to the concept by insisting on having a sunroof, which BMW’s unique creation lacked.

The badges all over the car are new, and so are the taillights, but there are still quite a few trim pieces missing here and there. In addition, the car is riding a lot higher than it should, and therefore the suspension needs to be modified to bring the M3 wagon closer to the road in the same vein as the concept.

Then there are the oily bits as the S54 engine and the gearbox sourced from the M3 Coupe donor car will also receive special attention, much like the wiring and just about everything else. All told, it’s safe to say the project is a massive undertaking. The quad exhaust is missing and the interior is unfinished, so it’s safe to say the sporty wagon is still a bit of a diamond in the rough for now.

[Source: Calvin’s Car Diary / YouTube]