The week between Christmas and New Year is spent by the more fortunate ones at home, relaxing after a hard year. What better way to do that if not by watching a soothing video depicting one of the nicest custom BMWs E30s we’ve ever laid our eyes on. It comes from the Czech Republic, and even though it has quite a few mods both inside and out, we’d argue the two-door 3 Series is still one of the cleanest custom builds.

Riding low on 17-inch BBS wheels with Brembo brakes lurking from behind, the 1980s sedan was subjected to quite a few extensive modifications. The adoption of an air suspension was one of them, allowing the driver to lower and raise the car at the touch of a button. Petr Řezáč owns the car and he decided to go for a stealthy look with fully tinted headlights and taillights along with blacked-out kidney grilles.

The engine bay looks borderline impeccable and the interior has been overhauled with cognac brown leather just about everywhere you look. Even the trunk is covered in the same quilted leather, as are the seats and the door cards. In addition, a roll cage was added behind the front seats while keeping the rear bench, also bathed in leather.

You can check out the E30’s build progress on the owner’s Instagram account, at @petr_e30, where plenty of images show the lovely and equally clean interior in full. As for the video, it was shot on a foggy day in the Czech Republic and largely focuses on the mint-condition body with fender flares to accommodate the upsized wheels.

Whenever an E30 makes the headlines, it reminds us of simpler times when BMWs had fewer lines and embraced the “less is more” design theme. That’s not to say today’s 3 Series is unattractive, but with subsequent generations of the E30 growing in size and adopting a gradually busier design, perhaps old is gold after all.

[Source: rishkomedia. / YouTube]