Buying a new BMW M3 (G80) gives you the possibility to either stick to the standard exhaust or choose the optional M Performance setup with stacked tips mounted near the center of the rear bumper. If none of them tickle your fancy, there’s always the aftermarket scene offering multiple custom exhausts. Even though the high-performance sedan hasn’t been out for that long, we’ve already seen quite a few modified cars, including a lovely example finished in BMW Individual Zanzibar Metallic with a Fi exhaust.

Speaking of which, that car belongs to YouTuber AutoTopNL who made a name for himself driving fast cars at full throttle on unrestricted sections of the Autobahn in Germany. He happens to have a friend with another new M3 Competition who recently modified his car by installing an Armytrix exhaust. Not only that, but he also took out the OPF and mid-silencers, resulting in a raw exhaust note.

Since Europe has some of the strictest regulations regarding emissions, the M3 sold on the Old Continent has a gasoline particulate filter that muffles the noise. That’s not necessarily a problem on a regular car without sporty aspirations, but when you’re paying top money for an inline-six engine, you want it to sound as natural as possible, without any interferences.

It’s what the owner of this murdered-out M3 had in mind and the result is quite fitting for the S58 unit. The Armytrix sounds more aggressive than the standard setup, which some have criticized for being too bland and muted for a sports sedan equipped with a twin-turbo 3.0-liter engine. Perhaps hotter versions of the M3 will deliver a better soundtrack, namely the CS and other spicy derivatives BMW might be working on for later in the car’s life cycle.

In the meantime, you can count on tuning shops to address the noise issue and give the M3 a suitable exhaust note as Armytrix has done with this Competition model.

[Source: AutoTopNL / YouTube]