A while back, I had the chance to test drive the Genesis GV80, the brand’s X5-fighting SUV. As it turned out, I liked it very much and, of all the Genesis vehicles I’ve driven, it’s one of my favorites. In fact, it’s on my short list of the best SUVs on the market. It truly is an outstanding luxury SUV. But is it actually better than the current G05-gen BMW X5, another SUV on my aforementioned short list? In this new comparison test from Motor Trend, we find out.

Reading the comparison, I honestly didn’t know how it was going to turn out. Nor could I decisively choose one or the other. I’m a big fan of both SUVs, as they’re both excellent, with their own pros and cons.

The BMW X5 is the sharper SUV of the two to drive, which isn’t surprising. The Bavarians have been balancing comfort and handling in SUVs for decades, while the GV80 is Genesis’ first attempt. It’s a damn good attempt, though, and the GV80 has the plusher ride of the two. So it’s really different strokes for different folks.

One interesting aspect of both cars is their interior differences. Having driven both myself, it’s hard to argue with MT’s assessment of both cabins. The BMW X5 has build quality and fit and finish that’s noticeably better than the Genesis’. The way interior parts fit together in a modern BMW cabin makes it feel as if the entire interior was carved from granite. While there are some less-than stellar materials and fitments inside the GV80, it’s an absolute joy to sit in. The leathers are wonderful and the design is fantastic. It’s a beautiful cabin with mostly lovely materials.

In the end, MT gave the win to the Genesis GV80, since it offers most of the premium SUV-ness of the BMW X5, while actually being better in some areas, for significantly less money. Personally, I think I’d still take the X5, for its brilliant engine and transmission and slightly better handling. But the Genesis GV80 is an immensely tempting thing, it really. Watch out for Genesis, folks.

[Source: Motor Trend]