During out trip to Munich, for the 2021 IAA, we had the chance to check out the BMW Group Classic Car Collection, which is not a chance any BMW fan can pass up. Not only are there rare classic Bimmers on display but we had the chance to see some of the rarest, most unique BMWs in history. A truly must-see experience for all BMW enthusiasts.

Some of the car’s in BMW’s classic collection are the sort that proper enthusiasts would do anything to see in person. For instance, there are several BMW M1 Procars, a BMW 328 Roadster in a gorgeous shade of blue, and a stunning yellow 3.0 CS. All of which are make-your-knees-weak pretty. I also personally love the Dakar Yellow E36 M3 and the Techno Violet M3 GT. There’s also an awesome mint green BMW Z3. There really aren’t any boring cars at the BMW Classic center.

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It’s also a great reminder of where BMW comes from. The Bavarian brand is going so far outside of its comfort zone lately, for better or worse, that it can be difficult to remember the cars BMW used to make. For instance, the new BMW i Vision Circular is impressive and interesting but bears literally no resemblance at all to any of the iconic vehicles in the classic collection. While I understand the future is about being innovative and new, even Audi borrowed styling cues from the past when creating its new, futuristic and highly innovative Sky Sphere. You don’t have to forget the past for the future.

BMW has among the best automotive heritages of all time. Few brands have put out incredible cars from every decade for almost a century, like BMW. It’s easily among the most storied and accomplished brands in history. Seeing the classics collection in person is a great reminder of that but also a reminder that so many of BMW’s ideas today are straying too far from its past.