A lot of BMW fans are impatiently waiting for the launch of the G87 BMW M2, so they can finally see the car in person. For both good and bad reasons. While none off use will be seeing a production M2 anytime soon, this new spy video gives us a taste.

The next-gen G87 BMW M2 will be the last stand for rear-drive, manually-operated BMWs straight-six engines, which gives fans a lot of hope. However, there’s also reason for fear, as early spy photos and renders have shown a design that haven’t exactly been encouraging. Oddly rectangular grilles and a seemingly flat front bumper give it an unprofessional look. There’s also the matter of the standard 2 Series design getting a bit of criticism from just about every direction.

Rendering by @rokenr on Instagram

That said, the G87 BMW M2 should be great to drive. The next-gen chassis will be a massive improvement over the current car’s already good one and it will boast a version of the M3’s S58 engine, which is also a huge improvement over its predecessor. BMW M is also on a bit of a roll, with cars like the M2 CS, M3 Competition, and M5 CS proving that making brilliant driver’s cars isn’t a skill the M Division has forgotten.

In this new spy video, we get to see the G87 M2 do some laps at the Nürburgring, as well as drive on some of the public roads surrounding it. Not only does it look capable and fun but it sounds pretty good, too. Admittedly, it’s hard to hear proper engine sound with all of the other ambient noise around. From what we can tell, though, it’s going to sound better than the current car which is… fine but uninspiring. There’s a metallic growl to the current car that all M cars are supposed to have but the previous-gen sort of doesn’t. We can’t wait to drive this new one, even if we’re not sold on its looks just yet.