BMW Brazil announces a new digital project in partnership with photographer and brand ambassador Gabriel Wickbold. This time, Wickbold will customize five cars from the Bavarian brand, inspired by elements related to passion, innovation, movement and technology. In the first model of the series, entitled “Sexual Colors”, the ambassador presents a customized BMW 3 Series.

The work is 100% digital and transformed into NFT, focused on technology and new forms of virtual art. The acronym NFT stands for non-fungible token, a certificate of exclusivity, something that characterizes the automotive works that Gabriel created in partnership with BMW.

“This project came from our passion and constant search for innovation. We combine iconic products with art and technology. In this work, Gabriel Wickbold personifies the authorial image in order to celebrate art and emotion. We started with the emblematic BMW 3 Series, the first model to be manufactured at our plant in Araquari and the absolute leader in the national premium market”, highlights Jorge Junior, Head of Marketing at BMW Brazil.

“And this action will not stop there. We will launch other models throughout the year, taking Puro Pleasure to Drive digitally and full of personality. All creations will be certified in NFT in order to guarantee originality and a continuous celebration of art and our country”, reinforces the executive

“I am very honored to create my first series of art on wheels. These works will become NFT, a totally disruptive combination of creativity at BMW”, says Gabriel Wickbold.

Each month, an NFT car will be launched and revealed on BMW’s social networks, to provide an exclusive and special moment for those passionate about art, technology and innovation. At the end of the action, in December, the five works of the BMW models in NFT will be auctioned by the Gabriel Wickbold gallery, which will donate the money raised to an institution, selected by the gallery, with a focus on encouraging training and training of professionals to become artists.