The car detailing business is taking off right now and the reason behind that might be the rise of electric cars. It may sound peculiar, but people might be turning to older cars, like a BMW E30 3 Series, in a sort of protest to what the industry is offering today. Furthermore, some of these cars are even going up in value so they might actually be good investments. Cars like the E30 we’re checking out today.

This clip was shot by a detailing specialist who was tasked with bringing this car around, after it had been mistreated. According to him, the 12-minute video below shows about 60 manhours of work being carried out on this E30, with nothing left unchecked. The guys started off with the underbelly of the car and cleaned everything off with dry ice. They did such a good job, you’d think this car just rolled off the assembly line.

It was then time to remove all the trims on the body and correct the paint wherever necessary. That was a long and tedious process but well worth it as the paint looks absolutely stunning at the end, scratch free. Even the deadening materials used all around the car were taken care of and the guys went further and de-rusted the bent tools in the traditional BMW kit you’ll find in the trunk of older models.

The engine bay wasn’t left out either, being clean as a whistle by the time the detailing process was over. Speaking of which, things couldn’t end before measures were taken to make sure the car remains as clean as possible for the near future. To this end, a full ceramic coating was applied, for the perfect finish. It’s quite amazing how much a car can transform with a little love and care.