At the moment, the BMW X5 is most likely the brand’s best SUV. It has everything a good premium SUV needs; it’s good looking, comfortable, practical, has a nice interior, is packed with tech, and comes with a variety of different engine options. More importantly, though, it’s also a good BMW; it has a fantastic ride/handling balance for an SUV, has nice steering, its engines are great, and it out-performs most of its rivals. However, is it better than another outstanding SUV in the segment, the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class?

In this new video from Auto Trader UK, we get to see if the BMW X5 can take down the Benz but there’s a twist — the X5 in this video actually belongs to host Rory Reid. That’s right, Reid is going to review his own X5 against the GLE, to see if he bought the right car.

For starters, Reid like’s the look of the X5 better, specifically at the front where the GLE seems a bit mopey. Hard to argue that, if I’m being honest. Though, the rest of both cars are quite good looking. The design of the Mercedes’ interior is also more interesting and features more exciting technology, along with better rear seat room and more rear seat amenities.

When it comes to driving dynamics, the two cars are completely different. The Mercedes-Benz GLE is all about soft, comfortable luxury. It’s designed to coddle its passengers and cushion every bump. While the BMW X5 is a sportier and more engaging to drive, all without being noticeably more uncomfortable.

However, the X5 does have its issues. Quite literally. During Reid’s two years of ownership, he experienced several massive electronic failures, one for the air suspension, one for the braking system, and another for the steering. Those aren’t minor sensor failures, as BMW had to eventually replace the entire ECU. Not only are those not minor failures but they could have been dangerous and are the sort that erode a customer’s trust in the car.

So which one would Reid buy if he had to make the choice all over again? Watch the video below to find out.