The second generation BMW X1 should be a big car for zee Germans. The first-gen was a massive hit, becoming one of BMW’s most popular models in North America. It’s actually a surprisingly good car, too. So this new second-gen car, which was just caught testing in camouflage outside the Nürburgring, is likely to be an even bigger hit.

When the next-gen BMW X1 debuts, it should fix all of the small issues the current X1 has. For starters, it’s going to look better. Even though the test mule we see in these photos is heavily camo’d, we can see that its shape is sportier, a bit more upright, and a bit more SUV-like. The current X1 just looks like some generic, front-wheel drive, vanilla crossover, while the new car’s silhouette looks much more interesting.

It also seems like it’s going to have sensibly sized grilles, sharp headlights, and nice tall upright windows. So it should look more traditionally BMW than not only the current car it’s replacing but also other more recent BMWs.

Image by @wilcoblok on Instagram

Another issue it will fix is the current X1’s lack of tech. Admittedly, the current X1’s lack of modern tech is only a recent issue, as its tech was originally quite good. With much newer competitors, though, it’s going to need an update in cabin tech, which this new generation will fix. Speaking of cabins, the new X1 will get a cabin that’s likely more in tune with the rest of BMW’s lineup, keeping it fresh.

I’m surprisingly excited about the new BMW X1. The first-gen car far exceeded expectations, in terms of driving dynamics, ride comfort, practicality, and overall enjoyment. If this next car can do the same while also looking better and featuring better technology, it should be a big hit.

[Image: @wilcoblok]