It seems like the stacked tailpipes we’ve seen a while back on a BMW X8 or BMW XM (whichever name BMW decides to go with in the end) are here to stay. A new sighting of a prototype doing some heavy testing in Germany shows the same design on the rear end, which might indicate that the bespoke model will have that feature on it once it enters production. You can check the photos here, as we don’t own them.

The BMW XM is the first ever bespoke project from the M division, according to our sources. While initially is was supposed to be named BMW X8, the new name being floated around is XM.

Rendering: @bmw43__

Of course, a lot of us would’ve preferred to see a bespoke M car in the shape of a sedan or a coupe, but the times we live in are challenging, as people are simply more interested in SUVs. This one is also supposed to become the most powerful car BMW has ever made. According to our info, it will use a hybrid setup, made of a V8, combined with electric power. The total output is supposed to be over 700 HP, probably closer to 750.

As for the rest of the car, the design is still a great mystery, sans maybe the stacked tailpipes at the back. If the split headlight trend is confirmed, chances are this car will get them too. The suspension is also supposed to be out of this world, since the guys from BMW M will want to keep this huge SUV in check in the corners while also offering a supple ride in almost every other situation. Will they be able to pull it off? Remains to be seen.

[Top Image: @joelre98 on Instagram]