The BMW E34 M5 holds a special place in the hearts of many car enthusiasts, and BMW fanboys as well. For many, apparently Chris Harris included, it has the perfect body shape, the perfect motor and a great mix between speed and practicality. If we’re talking about the Touring version. That’s why Chris bought himself something close to the real deal, but not quite. After years of driving the car, the time has come for the TV presenter to say goodbye.

You can now find his own car listed for sale at, where Harris actually wrote the sales ad for his very own car. There are some things you should know though. This isn’t really an M5 Touring. According to Chris, this car started life as a 525i SE model and then received a lot of TLC to get it where it is now. Under the hood you also don’t get the S38 engine the original had to work with but instead a 3.5-liter straight six which is, according to Harris: fit and strong. That’s good enough for me.

Not the actual car. Image by BMW Group Classic

The body looks to be in good shape and, from the outside, it will be hard for anyone to tell this car apart from a real E34 M5 Touring. The interior is also in good standing shape. The seats are all M5 ones but the dash structure is not. The instrument cluster also came off an M5 and there’s no radio or AC in this car, which might be an issue during hot summer days. As for the suspension, since this isn’t a proper M5, it is softer and allows for more lean in the corners, which might be a good thing on longer trips.

Now, you might be wondering why Chris is actually selling it, right? Well, it’s mostly because he doesn’t need it anymore and because he’s running out of space where to store his cars. Most people don’t have that kind of issue but it must be nice to have a car collection so big it doesn’t fit in your yard anymore…