Top Gear recently featured a James Bond bit in one of its recent episodes. Afterwards, they had an idea — to create their very own Bond car. But they couldn’t do it alone. Instead, they turned to a man who regularly builds wild and sometimes crazy engineering projects — Colin Furze. What Furze did was take a BMW Z3 (fitting, as the Z3 actually was a Bond car for about five minutes) and turned it into a fully-functioning, gadget-laden Bond car for just £7,000.

In this new video, you get to see the final product and all of its gadgets, in all of their glory. What’s great is that they’re all the classic Bond-car gadgets. For instance, the Z3 has a fully functioning flame thrower built into the front bumper, which can spit flames far enough ahead to torch a baddie’s car. It also shoots guns out of its rear bumper, to take down any baddies in chase. What’s coolest about the rear guns is that there’s also a deployable wheel in the rear bumper, which allows the Z3 to pivot and shoot more baddies.

Inside, there’s a smoke machine, to disguise the person driving the car there’s a biscuit launcher built into the radio, in case the driver gets hungry, and even a button to spray oil onto the rear tires. Though, the latter part just makes the Z3’s own tires slippery and doesn’t really seem to affect the baddies chasing behind.

Overall, though, it’s a massively impressive build, especially considering that it’s also a fully functioning car. The BMW Z3 still looks and drives exactly like a stock Z3, and even still has a functioning soft-top roof. The only drawbacks are the lack of any sort of cargo space. However, it makes up for that by being able to use the aforementioned wheel to make parking in tight spaces even easier.