There’s a reason why Germany is viewed as the Mecca of high horsepower cars. That reason is very well known and goes by the name of “Autobahn”. For many, that word means only one thing: an opportunity to max out the speedometer on their cars without going to jail. And in today’s automotive realm, where all cars can seemingly go over 124 mph easily and most are limited to 155 mph, that might actually mean something.

But it isn’t until you actually get to drive on one of these unrestricted sections of the German highway system that you truly understand how unique this feeling is. That’s why the video below speaks loudly about how people define ‘normal’ in various parts of the world. In it we get to see a BMW X5 M50d getting maxed out on the highway. That wouldn’t necessarily be something new, as we see this kind of videos on YouTube quite often, courtesy of various channels. What is different here though is how relaxed the driver is and how standstill everything seems by comparison.

Normally, when you think about such speeds (155 mph) you instantly picture how dangerous such an act would be. At those speeds one simple mistake could turn you into mush. And yet, the driver at hand here doesn’t seem bothered at all. Not only that but the discipline other drivers in traffic have is incredibly impressive, everyone keeping to themselves and leaving the fast lane open for whoever might want to overtake.

And that’s when an Audi A7 steps in. Even though the BMW is trying to catch up to it, the speed limiter steps in and stop the M50d from going over 155 mph (GPS, not indicated). The A7 seems to be able to go a bit faster and yet, even though that may be the case, the driver leaves the fast lane open in case the BMW might want to overtake. And while the two are going all out, at about 155 mph, the whole scene seems so serene, as if they are actually standing still, something you may only experience in Germany, on the unrestricted sections of the Autobahn.