With the entire industry moving toward electrification, BMW drastically changing some of its iconic design touches, and almost all M cars getting all-wheel drive now, BMW enthusiasts would be forgiven for yearning for something a bit more traditional, a bit more old-school. Thankfully, they’re about to get it, as the next-gen G42 BMW 2 Series Coupe is on the way and it’s about as traditional a BMW as you’re gonna get nowadays. In some new spy photos, we get to see the new 2er, albeit wearing heavy camouflage.

The BMW 2 Series Coupe seen in these photos is a proper little two-door Bimmer. It’s a classic three-box coupe with tall glass, an upright-ish windshield, stubby overhangs, and a reasonably sized (by today’s standards) kidney grille. Just what the Bavarian doctor ordered.

When the next-gen 2 Series debuts, it’s going to be one of the last cars of its kind from BMW. Two doors, four seats, an inline-six-cylinder (in certain models) engine up front, drive going to the back, and (hopefully) a manual transmission in the middle. It’s the correct layout for a BMW but one that, sadly, isn’t going to last much longer. Electrification is going to eliminate the inline-six and the manual transmission along with it, and most customers don’t buy coupes anymore, especially small ones, so the entire 2 Series Coupe might be removed from the lineup entirely within the decade. As sad as it might be, this next 2 Series Coupe is going to be part of a dying breed.

Thankfully, it should be one helluva last hurrah. This next-gen 2 Series will be built on the brand’s latest modular architecture, so it will be significantly stiffer and more agile than the current car. It will also get better engines, better tech, and more comfort. Additionally, if the M Division learned its lesson from all of the praise being heaped at the M2 CS, the next-generation M2 should also be flipping killer.

[Photo Source: @chrism2f87]