Car Throttle is always good for some entertaining cheap content and their very cheap E46 BMW 3 Series Compacthas been creating some very fun content. Last week, they wrapped the car in chameleon wrap, which made it look hilarious. Now, it’s time for a new exhaust but not just any exhaust — a Bosozoku-style exhaust. Essentially, Bosozoku style is a Japanese style of making cars hilarious, intentionally overdone. In Japanese, “Bosozoku” means running out of control.

The reason the hosts at Car Throttle decided on a Bosozoku exhaust was due to a fan request. So they decided to go for it and, of course, go big. Literally. Very big.

After some deliberating, they decided to make the tailpipe bend upward, higher than the roofline of the actual car, and end in the shape of a heart. At the top of the heart, one large slit was made to give a waterfall-like affect from the exhaust gases. It’s absolutely obnoxious, even seems a bit dangerous — that exposed pipe might get quite hot — and is absolutely hilarious. Additionally, they also fitted it with new wheels that feature heart cutouts in the spoke pattern. So it’s all very overdone.

To be honest, it’s actually kind of impressive, though. The workmanship is really good and the fact that it works so well and still sounds pretty decent is kind of awesome. We wouldn’t want such an exhaust on our cars, obviously, but it’s funny to see CT do it.

Though, that was sort of the point of the entire build anyway, wasn’t it? The E46 3 Series Compact was bought for virtually pennies and is a content car for their channel, so it’s supposed to be used for comedic purposes and it seems as if Car Throttle as nailed that here.