ALPINA has officially announced that its first-ever ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe high-performance luxobarge will be premiered Mar 24, 2021. The new B8 model is developed on the basis of the G16 8 Series. This is not the first time in history the Buchloe-based tuner specialized in BMWs is prepping an 8 Series. It is actually the third model developed under the iconic nameplate to come out after the E31 versions that were unveiled in the ’90s: ALPINA B12 5.0 Coupe based on the 850i/850Ci models (1990 – 1994) and ALPINA B12 5.7 Coupe based on the 850CSi model (1992 – 1996).

If the ancestors were powered by gargantuan V12 powerplants, the new BMW ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe will make use of a more efficient and even more powerful and poised V8 unit, also found under the hood of the B7 and XB7 models. We won’t fully bet on the peak output featured on the B8, but it is possible that the figure could exceed the 457 kW / 621 hp developed by the eight-pot petrol engine powering the XB7. The xDrive will be, of course, the standard and sole drivetrain, as customary with all the new ALPINA models that came out in the last years.

We do expect specific ALPINA detailing and bodywork for the new B8 Gran Coupe to be grafted onto the M Sport trim line of the G16 series. Furthermore, in the good tradition of the house, the interior will pampered in exclusive, posh-looking leather upholsteries and dashboard trims, making the whole travel atmosphere a largely superior, premium experience.

Once it joins the new ALPINA lineup, the B8 Gran Coupe will be the third most expensive model, right after the ALPINA XB7 and the B7 limousine. We also expect the luxury four-door gran coupe to arrive in the United States, similar to the previous, and extremely good looking, B6 Gran Coupe.

[Top Image: BimmerToday]