All of the outrage surrounding the new BMW M3 and M4’s design has seemingly overshadowed the reality that an M3 Touring is on the way. Just that fact alone should ease the sting of the new M3’s grille, as fans have been begging BMW for a wagon version of their favorite sports car for decades. When it finally makes its debut, the BMW M3 Touring will be an immediate fan favorite.

So far, we haven’t seen any official photos of the car, only a few brief spy photos and a hint of the car’s back end in an M Town video. So when new renders come out, we always eagerly check them out, for an idea of what the first-even BMW M3 Touring will look like.

This new render shows off a BMW M3 Competition Touring, with the new Competition-spec wheels and a stunning red paint color. As a whole, the car looks so good I actually forgot to look at the grille initially. But even after I did, the rest of the car is so fantastic that even the grille can’t bring it down.

Looking at the car from the top-down view shows off just how aggressively the rear wheel arches are flared in this render and it looks incredible. If the real car has that sort of stance and aggression, it’s going to win over a lot of BMW enthusiasts, as well as car enthusiasts in general.

Who wouldn’t love a BMW M3 Touring anyway? It’s going to be an M3 wagon with 503 horsepower from a twin-turbo straight-six, all-wheel drive, and a practical five-door wagon body. For many enthusiasts, especially those with families, that’s just about the perfect recipe for a daily driver. Once it finally hits the road, we suspect BMW is going to wonder why it didn’t make such a car sooner.

[Source: Sugar Design]