Who doesn’t love a good bargain? The idea of snagging a very cheap old beater of a car that still runs well enough is such a fun one, which is why Car Throttle’s bargain basement cars are so popular. Their most recent bargain car is an E46 BMW 3 Series Compact that was astonishingly cheap to buy, just £350. So what’s it like to live with such a car?

Obviously, with such a cheap car, there are several issues. Firstly, CT’s cheapo-E46 has some engine and suspension issues, which make it a bit sketchy to drive but not too much that it can’t or shouldn’t be driven on a regularly basis. Sure, it doesn’t like to be pushed hard but old folks usually don’t. For £350, many ailments are expected.

However, the little BMW 316i Compact, as a car, is more enjoyable to drive than you might think. Put the issues aside for a moment and the 316i can actually be a nice daily driver. Its engine is puny but it’s powerful enough to have fun with on a tight back road. Plus, it will still gladly sit at 70 mph on the highway, without any issues. A manual transmission, which CT’s car has, is necessary for any sort of fun, though.

Also, because the car is so light and has a very small engine over the front wheels, it’s a nippy little car to chuck around a back road. Of course, it’s never going to be as fun as its more grown up siblings but it can absolutely entertain if pushed hard. Plus, with a car with as few horsepowers as the 316i, you can basically live with your right foot pinned to the floor. When you can use all of a car’s power and push it to its absolute limits, it’s fun regardless of how fast it is.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive, rear-wheel drive car that’s fun to drive, an E46 BMW 3 Series Compact could be an interesting choice.

[Source: Car Throttle]