When talking about the BMW X6 M Competition, a lot of people tend to focus on its amazing straight line performance. That’s a mistake if you ask me, as evidenced by the video review posted below. Don’t get me wrong, the X6 M Competition is a really fast car but it’s not just a fast SUV. However, there’s so much more to it, that it would be a shame to focus only on the quarter-mile time.

Driving the X6 M Competition is a revelation and it will often cause you to reconsider your reality anchors. That’s because traditional car making tells you that a car of this size and this tall shouldn’t be able to handle a set of fast corners like this one does. And yet, this BMW blows minds when actually pushed to the limit. The secret hides in the suspension setup, without a doubt.

Under the BMW ‘specific elastokinematics’ nameplate hides a multi-link setup both front and back on the X6 M Competition. The car also get a limited-slip differential at the back that can handle the torque and power coming in from the engine brilliantly. The air suspension has also been adapted to keep the weight in check and that does take away some of the comfort you get in non-M cars but it is worth it!

Then there’s the additional bracing and, as you might’ve guessed it, there’s a lot of it, all done with the intent of strengthening the car’s chassis in key places. Such braces can be seen under the car, on the rear axle, as well as up front, under the hood, connecting the front end of the car to its shock towers. Last, but not least, the active anti-roll stabilization system comes into play whenever you push this car hard into a corner, keeping everything flat. Does it all work as it’s supposed to? Oh yes, and you can check out the video below to see how well it performs.