In the latest video about the BMW M3 and M4, as part of a larger series of videos on the two new M cars, we get to learn about the new S58 engine. The S58 engine is the M Division’s latest six-cylinder engine and it first made its debut on the X3 M. Now, it’s going to power the M3 and M4 and this video gives us a technical breakdown of the S58’s crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods.

While turbochargers and intercoolers are more exciting to learn about, it’s the crankshaft, pistons and conrods that truly make the engine. To handle all of that power, those parts need to be made of high-strength materials, so as to not break while running all of the boost that the M3 runs. The stronger those parts are, the more power BMW can eek out of the S58 engine.

However, they also need to be light. The lighter the crankshaft, conrods and pistons, the faster the engine can rev without damaging anything. It’s a tricky balance to make the parts both lightweight and strong enough, while keeping the price low enough to make the M3 and M4 affordable for normal folks. So it’s impressive what BMW has done with the S58 engine, especially when you consider how good it is to use.

We haven’t driven the new BMW M3 and M4 just yet but we have driven the X3 M, which uses the same engine, and it’s brilliant. It makes instant power, all over the rev range, while also being easy to use and making a great noise. We can’t wait to drive the BMW M3 and see just how good the engine can be in a lighter, lower, smaller car. Plus, that engine can pair with a manual in the M3. Sign us up.