If you’re not watching The Late Brake Show with Johnny Smith, you should go and subscribe right now. Smith has been one of the best car journos in the UK for some time now and his new YouTube show is filled with genuinely great content; car reviews, podcasts, interviews and fun videos like this. In his latest video, Smith drives the Rolls-Royce Ghost and gives it a review but with some help of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Smith had actually planned on driving the Rolls-Royce Ghost home for Christmas, to stay at his parent’s house and then drive them back to his own house the following day. However, government pandemic lockdowns put a damper on that plan, so he decided to review the Ghost by himself but also with some input from the “Ghost of Christmas Present”, which was actually Jon Simms, project leader for the Ghost.

While this is essentially just a normal car review, it goes into an incredible amount of detail about each important feature and provides great insight into what this new Ghost really is. As the brand’s entry-level car (calling something that starts at £200,000 and has almost £100,000 worth of options “entry-level” seems a bit misleading), the Ghost is designed to appeal to younger, less opulent rich people. Think Silicon Valley, not Buckingham Palace. So on the outside, it’s more reserved, more understated than a Phantom. However, on the inside, it’s every bit as opulent as any other Roller.

In fact, the amount of painstaking detail that went into crafting the cabin of the Ghost might actually make it the most enjoyable Rolls to sit in. It’s absolutely lovely inside, as Smith demonstrates, with Champagne coolers, lambs wool carpets and heated umbrellas in the door sills. It’s sensational.

If you really want to know what the Rolls-Royce Ghost is like, check this new video out. You won’t be disappointed.