Cars today can be really easily be written off. Insurance companies just don’t want to deal with a lot of damaged cars, even though some TLC could save them and make them usable again. One prime example is the video below, where we get to see how a written off car gets brought back to life thanks to the efforts of a detailing company. Mind you, the reason why this car was deemed a bio-hazard has a lot to do with mold.

The footage is shocking, to say the least, and I do caution you to think twice before watching, especially if you have a weak stomach. It shows a car in dire shape, one of the worst cases of abuse I’ve ever seen. What the detailing guys found can only be described in a Stephen King novel. There’s mold everywhere, mice nests in places you wouldn’t even think of, the trunk floor is soaked in mice urine and all sort of garbage and so on.

The car’s interior had some sort of leak that soaked the floor mats and the carpets which, combined with the mold, led to a terrible development. It’s hard to describe what they found in there. The good part is that they are obviously professionals and took every necessary step to clean things out and keep everyone safe. The BMW was stripped down to the metal but before that, it was neutralized with chlorine, to make sure no harmful gasses leak out.

Everything was scrubbed down and washed and, to be honest, the car came out better than I expected. It actually looks like it could be driven right now only that those days are gone. According to the video, the BMW will be sold for parts as that would be a more profitable approach rather than selling it as a whole. Whatever they decide to do with it, the process of watching everything getting cleaned and restored is mesmerizing.