This detailed guide will teach you how to program your garage door opener in your BMW. Setting up and using the HomeLink system in your new BMW is a simple and straightforward process. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The HomeLink platform is part of the most recent BMW models. This feature eliminates the need for a garage door remote and allows for a convenient way to access your garage or gate.

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Things you need:

  1. Get your current garage door opener remote. Move your BMW outside of the garage. 
  2. Be within range of the garage or gate but do not be in the path of door opening/closing.
  3. Get ladder, open garage door opener control panel, locate the LEARN Button 
  4. Get in your BMW, turn BMW accessories on – but do not start the motor. Tip- Press the start/stop button but do not have your foot on the brake.
  5. On your rear view mirror, press & hold Homelink buttons 1 and3 at the same time for about ten seconds. Initially the light will be solid yellow until rapid flashing green occurs. – now all old code settings are wiped out.
  6. Press button 1 until slow flashing yellow.
  7. Now hold your garage door opener 3 inches from the mirror and push the desired button you want your BMW to emulate.
  8. When the little light on the mirror flashes green rapidly let go of your remote button and push the button to be programmed once.
  9. Now go up to control panel on the Garage door opener and press LEARN button
  10. You now have about 30 seconds to get down the ladder and push Homelink button 1 on your mirror.
  11. If you have another door to program, press Homelink button 2 until slow blinking yellow light appears.  Repeat steps 7-9.

Our own Chuck Vossler went on camera to showcase the entire process with very detailed instructions. Take a look below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.