This newly facelifted BMW 5 Series is an outstanding all ’rounder. It’s comfortable, spacious, quiet, good looking and fun enough to drive for a big car. It’s no E39 5 Series in the twisties but it’s not bad, either. When it comes to all-around, daily-driving BMWs, the new G30 LCI 5 Series is about as good as it gets. More specifically, Joe Achilles seems to think that the BMW 530d Touring is the most complete BMW on sale and he has a good argument.

For you ‘Mericans reading, the BMW 530d Touring is a six-cylinder diesel version of the 5 Series with a wagon body style. However, it’s not the big-boy six-cylinder diesel, that would be the BMW 540d. Instead, the 530d is a bit less powerful but a bit more efficient. That means it makes 282 horsepower but also 479 lb-ft of torque. So it’s quite the punchy six-pot diesel. That power is sent through an eight-speed automatic to, in this case, an xDrive all-wheel drive system.

That much power might not sound exciting but it’s enough to hustle the heavy 530d xDrive Touring from 0-60 mph in just over five seconds. So it’s hot-hatch quick despite being a big, practical luxury car. Additionally, it manages to average around 45 mph, with a mix of both highway and spirited driving. If you baby it, you’ll see over 50 mph and a total range of almost 700 miles. That’s quite a remarkable combination of both performance and efficiency.

However, the BMW 530d Touring is also good to drive. It handles far better than its size and weight would suggest and it features a great interior. Plus, its wagon body style provides a ton of space. So when it comes to a BMW that you can own, drive everyday and use for almost every circumstance, it’s genuinely difficult to be the new 5er. Oh and it’s one of the last remaining good looking BMWs, as its grille hasn’t been bitten by a radioactive beaver just yet.