If you’re the proud owner of either a BMW Z4 or Toyota Supra, you may need to call your dealer and find out if your car is part of the latest recall. Both cars; being assembled at the same factory in Austria and built on the same architecture, using the same engine and gearbox; have just had recalls issued for potentially faulty fuel tank welds. Yikes.

As of right now, only 49 models; 14 Z4s and 35 Supras; are being recalled due to this issue and there have been no recorded injuries stemming from it. So there’s not an immediate cause for concern. However, it is a serious issue that needs to be remedied.

Apparently, some of the fuel tank welds could be faulty which could case the tanks to leak and, in the case of some sort of ignition, catch fire. So it’s potentially serious, though it doesn’t seem to have hurt anyone yet. Still, it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.

BMW hasn’t publicly released the VIN ranges of the cars that could be affected but it should be contacting owners rather soon. However, regardless of that, if you’re a BMW Z4 or Toyota Supra owner, you should call your local dealer and find out if your car is part of this recall or not. If it is, the remedy is simple; the fuel tank will be replaced free of charge at the dealership with one that has the proper welds.

This isn’t the first recall for both cars, as there was a previous recall last year for a seatbelt issue. Which is a shame because both cars are quite good sports cars and the Z4 M40i is one of my personal favorite BMWs on sale at the moment. Hopefully more people buy these cars because they’re great and hopefully they can also stay out of recalls.

[Source: Motor1]