I’m going to be the first one to say it: a car the size of a BMW X5 has no place on the track. And yet doesn’t driving one in such circumstances feel a bit naughty? Chip in the fact that the BMW M division did its work on this particular X5, as this is the X5 M Competition we’re looking at, and things might not be as bad as you may think.

The video below comes courtesy of Archie Hamilton and he had the audacity of showing up at Silverstone (which is an F1-track by excellence, mind you) in an SUV. And not just any SUV but one on the bigger side of things. The BMW X5 M Competition definitely feels out of place there, among so many brilliant driving supercars. You’ll see cars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie, various Porsches and so on.

Setting off, even the guys are feeling out of place, not to mention the odd looks everyone is giving off as they drive out of the pit lane. What’s interesting though is that the SUV doesn’t really seem to be left for dead. It’s slower, sure, because it has to brake earlier and it has a lot of mass to carry through those bends, but overall, it doesn’t really look like it can’t hang with the other cars and I’d say that is mighty impressive.

As a matter of fact, the guys seem genuinely surprised by how fast and how well the BMW X5 M Competition drives on the track. At one point they even go off on two wheels and scream about it in the process. By the end of it all, they pushed the BMW to the absolute limit and they had to slow down because the brakes were simply glowing. What a beast!