The popularity of the MINI Cooper SE registered in the first weeks following its official unveiling doesn’t seem to be fading off. Back then, the British car maker announced that it has thousands of pre-orders for the car and it looks like they can’t make them fast enough to satisfy the demand. Such claims couldn’t go unnoticed and this week the MINI Cooper SE was crowned the Urban Green Car of the Year, courtesy of the Green Car Journal.

The announcement came during the virtual Greenbuild International Conference + Expo and confirms the efforts the Oxford engineers put into the car. “Demand for the MINI Cooper SE has been incredible, and we are attracting great interest from both current MINI owners and customers who are new to the MINI brand, looking for an affordable, fun to drive electric vehicle,” said Mike Peyton, Vice President, MINI of the Americas.

“We are honored by this recognition by Green Car Journal. and with electrification fitting perfectly with the MINI brand, we look forward to welcoming more new people into the MINI family,” he added. According to Green Car Journal, this award represents MINI’s commitment to offering more efficient vehicles. They also said that the MINI Cooper SE “speaks to drivers yearning for an affordable, fun-to-drive model that’s ideal for zero-emission city life.”

“The MINI Cooper SE is an exceptional all-electric model at a very approachable price, and a well-deserving winner of 2021 Urban Green Car of the Year™,” said Ron Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal and “In signature MINI fashion, the Cooper SE delivers a fun driving experience along with its easy maneuverability and zero-emission motoring.” This is the first of many awards to follow and confirms our thoughts on the car, that it is a tantalizing proposition for those looking for an electric city car.

The MINI Cooper SE has a 181 hp (135kW) electric motor that makes 199 lb-ft of torque and is the same motor used in the BMW i3. The MINI Cooper SE, however, is a typical MINI and front wheel drive versus the BMW i3 which is rear-wheel drive. The electric engine is tucked neatly under the front bonnet.

While the BMW i3 runs the 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds, the MINI Cooper SE does it in 6.9. Top speed on the MINI Cooper SE is 93 vs. 98 mph in the i3. MINI’s battery technology is a 94Ah pack modified in a T-shape to fit the car’s layout. Therefore, the MINI Cooper SE has battery pack of 32.6 kWh and 28.9 kWh net.

MINI said the car was tested in the new WLTP cycle used in Europe and returned an expected range of 146-167 miles (235-270 km). However, the EPA rating in the United States is 110 miles (176 km).