When you see cars testing at the Nurburgring, they’re typically some type of at least semi-sporty car. You typically don’t see eco-minded electric crossovers doing at hot laps at the ‘Ring, as that’s not what they’re built for. Apparently, the engineers in Munich didn’t get the message, as some new spy video has revealed a BMW iNEXT test mule at the ‘Ring and not taking it easy, either.

In this video, we can clearly see a BMW iNEXT test mule being driven in anger, as it comes into corners hot and uses up all of the road for each turn. The tires also voice their displeasure with such driving, as they squeal and screech through each corner. Clearly, the iNEXT’s efficiency-minded tires aren’t meant for Nurburgring-duty. Nevertheless, BMW wants the iNEXT to drive and handle like a proper BMW should, so hot laps at the ‘Ring it is.

We also get to see it on the road in this video and, to be honest, it looks pretty good. Aside from its Nosferatu-like grille, the BMW iNEXT looks like a handsome crossover, with short overhangs, big wheel arches and even a nice Hofmeister Kink, which evokes both BMWs of old and the i3. Nice.

Even the grille, which is going to be very big and 4 Series-like, is forgivable on the iNEXT. Because it’s electric, the iNEXT can get away with a lot of odd styling touches, as funky designs are sort of par for the course with electric cars.

There will apparently be three different electric powertrains on offer; 230kW (308 horsepower), 390kW (522 horsepower) and 455kW (610 horsepower). The latter two will likely be dual-motor cars, while the former will probably be a single-motor, rear-wheel drive car. Battery range is likely to span 400-600 miles of range, depending on which powertrain is equipped.

Despite not being a traditional BMW, as it’s all-electric, more focused on efficiency, autonomy and technology, the BMW iNEXT is a car we’re very excited about. We can’t wait to see what BMW can do when it goes all-in on EV technology.