In case you were interested in buying a BMW X3 xDrive30e but weren’t exactly sure whether you should or not, don’t worry, BMW’s got you covered. The video below goes over every single detail you might want to know about the car, courtesy of a BMW Product Trainer. That means, Taylor, the presenter in the footage below, is one of the people in charge of explaining everything there is to know about the xDrive30e X3 to dealer employees, so that they can, in turn, pass that info to you.

And Taylor definitely seems to know her stuff. Right from the get go we’re hit with a bit of info that isn’t talked about enough: recycling. Car makers are making plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles more often these days and we tend to love them but somewhere along the way people forget about the true goal of these cars: cleaning the environment. And in order to do that, recycling must play a huge part. As Taylor highlights, at BMW, 99 percent of the waste material is recycled or reused.

Another one of the advantages the X3 xDrive30e, especially for those living in California, is the fact that you can use the HOV lane with it. That can save you valuable time, especially during rush hour. Other advantages highlighted here include the great fuel consumption figures (which can be zero for the first 20 miles if you charge your battery) or the dynamics of the car thanks to electric boost.

As for the charging process, it does take a little longer than it should. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be an issue if you charge it at home or at work. Furthermore, the car’s Intelligent Personal Assistant can find a charger nearby if you simply tell it to. There’s plenty more info hidden in the video below so I recommend watching it if you’re interested in buying one of these.