DTM boss and former F1 driver Gerhard Berger believes he can save the DTM championship with a new format. Starting in 2021, the DTM as we know it today will go through some major changes. BMW and Audi seem to be onboard, but apparently other motorsport teams might join as well.

The new 2021 DTM will therefore become a GT racing series with short and hopefully action-packed sprint races. And that makes them ideal for GT3 race cars which may receive minor adjustments. Features such as a push-to-pass button for short-term additional performance or a drag reduction system rear wing would be conceivable.

The key to the success or failure of this new DTM  is likely to lie in the balance of performance (BoP). As various other racing series have already shown, the BoP can make a championship interesting, but it can also become a hot topic. In the current IMSA championship, there were plenty of disputes over the alleged advantages of some teams.

So, the revised DTM format has to find a balanced and transparent solution to attract other automakers than BMW and Audi. Also, in contrast to the current DTM, from 2021 only private teams will be responsible for the use of the vehicles. Although the manufacturers are allowed to provide support within certain limits, there should not be completely factory-supported teams with correspondingly large budgets.

Only the future can tell whether the new concept will work and will be accepted by the fans. It is already clear that Gerhard Berger sees the heart of the DTM in Germany in the future too. Around half of the races are to be held in the country of origin of the DTM, while the other half might take place on other interesting tracks.

[Source: BimmerToday]