It wasn’t that long ago we thought high-riding cars were nothing but trucks. Just a bit over 20 years ago the automotive industry was having a hard time adjusting to cars like the Mercedes-Benz ML or the Lexus RX. Then the first Coupe SUV came along and the world was never the same. Everything changed the moment traditional sports cars makers started eyeballing this niche. Today, we have monsters like the BMW X6 M Competition “terrorizing” unsuspecting drivers on the Autobahn.

Truth be told, that’s basically the only place (excluding tracks) where cars like this can actually stretch their legs and show what they are capable of. Of course, not all Autobahns are still speed limit free these days and their numbers are dwindling.

But still, compared to any other country on Earth, Germany still seems like the Mecca of high-speed fanatics. And for the X6 M Competition, it doesn’t get any better than this.

That’s because, even if you take it to the track, chances are slim to find a straight long enough to allow it to unwind properly. Sure, the engineers did an amazing job with the suspension that’s keeping the weight in check brilliantly – as I found out in my review of the beast – but you can still feel its weight in tight corners. That’s not an issue in a straight line though, as you can see in the video below.

The numbers the X6 M posts are incredible. 0-100 km/h takes 3.74 seconds according to the Dragy app but I’ve done better and I know the car can do better. Even so, this isn’t nothing to scoff at. The 1/4 mile is done in 11.65 seconds while the 100-200 km/h acceleration takes just 9.25 seconds which shows the car’s mid-range pull that’s just incredible.

Should I also mention the fact that the 300 km/h barrier is easily reachable in this 2.3-ton SUV?