At the moment, we have a good idea of what the G80 BMW M3 is going to look like up front. We’ve seen enough spy photos and renders to create a relatively accurate picture in our heads. We still don’t know for sure, obviously, but we have a good idea. From what we know, this new G80 M3 render is fairly accurate, with just a small change in the grille and the bumper area.

We know that the kidney grille design will have this new shape and we know it will have horizontal slats. So that part we know is accurate. We also know that the headlights will look just like the ones in this new render. The production air intakes are slightly different, but the overall shape is there.

What’s interesting is that the front distance sensor in this render is placed in just one of the grilles, making it asymmetrical and infuriating to those of us that need symmetry. Judging from spy photos, that doesn’t seem to be the production placement for the sensor. If BMW does put the sensor in just one of the kidney grilles, it will make its new grille design even more polarizing.

Of these four colors; purple, teal, grey and white; I personally think the purple and white look the best. The former gives it some exuberance, which matches the brash grilles, while the latter contrasts nicely to the black trim.

Personally, I also still think the worst part of the design is the hood shut line. It’s so out of place and makes it seem as if BMW slapped this grill on at the last minute (which no one is ruling out just yet). It could be so much more cohesively implemented into the front end but it isn’t and that’s a shame.

Hopefully when the BMW M3 finally debuts, it will be better looking than expected. And hopefully it comes in purple.