BMW has plants around the world, the company being present in over 53 countries so far, and having manufacturing facilities on almost every continent. One of the key elements that allows the German giant to be successful resides in the education they offer prospective employees. The latest example comes from Mexico, where BMW opened a plant recently in San Luis Potosi. Since 2015, BMW started a school for locals, training them for the jobs they were aiming for in the future.

This is where BMW implemented its “Dual Vocational Training Program”, which is a German teaching model based on the promotion of the technical skills of human talent, with the aim of training professionals who acquire the necessary foundations of their profession and immerse themselves in practice – combining the learning and knowledge obtained at school, with workshops that promote skills and experience in a real working environment.

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This year, the BMW Group Plant in Mexico celebrated the graduation of the fourth generation of apprentices to come out of it. A total of 70 students successfully completed the technical courses of Mechatronics, Production and Automotive Mechanics and now have a new career ahead of them. “Dual vocational training is an essential part of the training offered by the BMW Group worldwide. The development of our associates’ skills and competencies is a key factor for successful operations. The training of our associates together with their experience is the basis for the quality and distinction of our products,” said Jörg Willimayer, President & CEO of BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosí.

Over these last five years, the BMW Mexico plant implemented its teaching program with the help of five educational institutions in the state. Together they trained over 350 apprentices. Not only that, but for the automotive field, they have a very good mix of men and women, with 36% of the graduates being of the latter category.