When it comes to daily drivers, things like 0-60 mph times and top speed are virtually meaningless. When you’re looking to buy something to drive everyday, the things that matter are comfort, driving enjoyment, usability and efficiency. Finding all of those attributes in one car can be tricky but there are a few on the market that do combine them. One of which is the BMW 330e Touring.

The hybrid/wagon version of the BMW 3 Series is not only one of the best variants of the model line but it’s also one of the best daily drivers on the market. Most enthusiasts might not look to a hybrid for their daily-driver needs but the 330e should help to change their minds.

Like all 3 Series Touring models, the BMW 330e Touring is a great looking car, especially with an M Sport package equipped. It’s sharp, sporty and athletic, with one of the best wagon designs on the market. The fact that it’s so good looking makes its hybrid powertrain even more exciting.

It’s also powerful. Under the hood lies a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine combines with an electric motor and a 12.0 kWh battery pack to make a very healthy 288 horsepower. That’s more than the BMW 330i, yet is more efficient and also boasts an all-electric range of 22 miles. So if you’re jump running to some shops in town, you might be able to do it entirely under electric power. But when you need more range, or more punch, the gas engine is there to kick in.

There’s also an available xDrive all-wheel drive system, making it even more practical in winter months. To be honest, there are few cars that can match the absolute breadth of ability as the BMW 33oe Touring xDrive, as it’s comfortable enough for everyday driving, has a practical wagon body style, has all-electric range and is fun to drive.

That’s the best part, though. The BMW 330e Touring is still a 3 Series, so it’s fun to drive. Its chassis is balanced and capable, its steering is sharp and its powertrain has punch. So if you’re an enthusiasts and need something smart, comfortable and efficient for everyday life, you won’t have to sacrifice that fun factor to get one, with the 330e. That makes it the ideal sports wagon.