Personally, I find the Convertible to be the best version of the 8 Series, due to the added drama of being able to hear its blaring engine right behind your head. I also think it looks the best, as there’s just something about the look of the 8er with its top down that looks right. It can get even better looking, too, thanks to some upgrades from 3D Design, which just enhance the drama of the six-figure convertible.

These upgrades aren’t drastic; just a few bits of added carbon fiber to the exterior; but they make the already good looking 8 Series ‘Vert that much more exotic. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt that the car in these photos is white with a red leather interior and sitting in front of an awesome back drop.

All in, there’s a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear lip spoiler, all in carbon fiber. All of which are also available for the BMW 8 Series Coupe, except for the rear lip spoiler, as that’s Convertible-only option. It also gets a set of 20″ forged wheels in these photos.

As with all BMWs, you can get a few 3D Design interior bits as well, which make a huge difference. For instance, there’s the aluminum pedals, which really dress up a cabin a bit, rather than the plain dull black pedals in every other car. You can also get 3D Design’s fantastic carbon fiber paddle shifters, which look and feel far better than the standard ones fitted to BMWs.

The car in these photos is a BMW M850i, signified by its blue brake calipers and its rectangular exhausts, which is a shockingly fast car. Thanks to its 523 horsepower V8, the M850i is capable of 0-60 mph in under four seconds. However, despite all of that fury, the M850i is a relatively subdued looking car. So these upgrades from 3D Design really spice things up just a bit to let passersby know that it’s something special.