There’s another 2 Series Coupe on the way and, praise the Car Gods, it’s going to be a proper two-door, rear-wheel drive BMW. We’ve known that the next 2er would drive its rear wheels first for some time now but to actually get a good look at the thing, further validating its rear-drive nature, does feel good. In some new spy photos, we get to see the next-gen 2 Series Coupe wearing some heavy camouflage. (Photos aren’t ours but you can seen them here)

Of course, its camo hides any of its exterior features but we’re really focused on one aspect of the next-gen 2er — its proportions. A rear-wheel drive car has very different proportions than a front-wheel drive car. Their front overhangs are shorter, their hoods are typically longer, to accommodate longitudinally-mounted engines, and they tend to have styling that accentuates their rear wheels. They usually look sportier, too.

This new BMW 2 Series seems to have all of those things. It looks athletic, low and sporty, like a proper rear-drive BMW should. However, there does seem to be one oddity– it’s huge. Despite being the smallest-numbered coupe in the brand’s lineup, the 2 Series seems rather large. It sits next tot an X3 in these photos and looks to be similar in length. To an SUV… Maybe it’s just camera trickery but the new 2er seems a bit too long for a 2 Series.

Current BMW M240i

Another interesting note is that one of the test mules in these photos has red brake calipers, which is not something you see on many Bimmers. It seems that the car with red brake calipers is a standard 2er, while the car with blue brake calipers is an M Performance variant, likely the M240i, judging from its exhaust tips. So we’re wondering if the red braked car is wearing some sort of M sports package.

We can’t wait to see more of the next-gen BMW 2 Series Coupe, as it will be a little slice of the old-school in a very new-school world. It’d better still come with a manual, though…

[Source: Car Scoops]