The current COVID-19 outbreak forced a lot of changes in our daily routines. From avoiding handshakes to maintaining a social distance, our lives have changed dramatically. Most people, where possible, work from home and the digitalization process continues.

Companies had to adapt too, and BMW is now selling cars online in a variety of countries. In South Africa, you have BMW Anywhere at your disposal, a platform that allows you to configure and order your car completely online.

And that was the main focus of the video below. Even though it’s not specified anywhere, this is most definitely an ad. And a pretty good one too, might I add, as it fits the BMW brand perfectly.

After all, the Bavarian cars are known for their drifting capabilities, being offered in rear-wheel drive guise ever since the company started making automobiles. Therefore, you can totally expect someone buying a BMW to drift it.

There’s also a bit of a conundrum at play here- The car is delivered right where the action was happening. That’s meant to show that BMW Anywhere is a service that also delivers your car, wherever you want, disinfecting it in the process, obviously. But for all the drifting that was done there, they couldn’t have picked a worse car for the finale: the new 1 Series.

As you may be aware, the 1 Series is now FWD or all-wheel drive, depending on your preference. Even so, the latter won’t easily allow you to drift, as its AWD capabilities are relying on a FWD platform. Therefore, if there’s a conclusion to be drawn here, it’s probably that our good man got sick of drifting and wanted a more modern, comfortable alternative for his daily commute.

Either way, great work!