BMW is stepping up their efforts in the mobile applications market. The latest app comes from BMW of North America and is titled: “BMW X3 Anywhere”. The app is built on the augmented reality principle and offers some imaginary settings for where you can place your X3.

Customer using an iPhone or iPod Touch can use the app to set the X3 in different scenarios. Here is a description as provided by BMW in iTunes:

“Introducing X3 Anywhere. Using your iPhone or iPod Touch, this augmented reality app lets you see how an X3 would look anywhere you want to place it. First choose a color for your X3. Then select a backdrop: your driveway, your favorite restaurant or at the beach. You can even change the proportion or angle of your X3 in the scene. Once you’re happy with what you see, take a picture. Then save a copy or share it with friends on Facebook. It’s not just AR for the all-new X3. It’s the ultimate augmented reality experience for the Ultimate Driving Machine.”

The BMW X3 Anywhere app can be download from iTunes.