It’s time to listen to our latest podcast, to fill your ears with the soothing sound of a nasally New Jersian who says things like “Warter” and “Cowfee”. This week, I’m riding solo but also have some good topics to break down with you fine folk. So if you’re looking for something to listen to on your way to work, have to drown out the noise of yard work or just want to kick back with a cup of coffee and listen to some car news, have a listen to this latest episode.

There are only two topics in this week’s episode but both of them are juicy enough to sustain an entire episode. The first is the ALPINA B3, which just debuted and it’s a very interesting car. In fact, it just might be the most interesting car ALPINA has made in a long time. The reason for that is the dynamic between the B3 and the upcoming BMW M3. With the next-gen M3 on the horizon, many fans are worried about its styling. The B3, though, looks like a normal 3 Series. So which will customers prefer? There’s more to it than that, as well.

After the ALPINA B3, the second topic is my recent drive with the Toyota Supra. It’s not often I test drive a car with genuine curiosity, as I’m usually already at least familiar with what it’s going to be, based what I’ve driven from the brand. However, I was really curious to see just how BMW-like the new Supra was/is. My feelings on it also changed throughout the week and I’ve almost flip-flopped since my first time behind the wheel.

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