Today is International Mud Day. It’s not necessarily a must-know celebration, but it looks like BMW took its time to put together a short clip to mark the day. The folks in Munich also decided to go about it in a rather funny way, diverging from the usual, overly-serious tone they take when it comes to such holidays. They decided to go down the National Geographic route.

It wouldn’t be the first time the BMW Group and National Geographic worked together, only this time it’s nothing official. The tone of the video’s narration follows certain rules with a soothing voice in the background, explaining exactly what you are watching.

This time, a group of BMW X5 models are shown doing some mild off-roading, if we can even call it that. They are basically driving down a muddy path and doing it bravely. The narrator implies these are just younglings, freshly made BMW X5 that will soon move on and find their meaning. By that I guess we’re referring to the cities where these cars will most likely be used, not in mud of any sort.

It’s a funny take on the BMW X5 and the International Mud Day as well. Making fun of yourself and knowing how to do it is a must during these troubling times.

Of course, the X5 won’t see a lot of mud in its lifetime, but it’s nice to know it has this capability. This short (extremely short) clip definitely brought a smile on my face today and I hope it brightens yours too, especially if you’re celebrating International Mud Day.