Despite all the negativity surrounding BMW’s new design language, the Bavarian brand actually has a few really good looking cars on the market. The 8 Series Gran Coupe is a stunner, so too is the BMW M2 but one sneaky good looking Bimmer is the entire G30 5 Series lineup. More specifically, the F90 BMW M5. Now that it’s been given its LCI facelift, could it be BMW’s best looking car?

While the two other aforementioned Bimmers are more visually striking than the M5, which is far more subdued than both, it’s the new M5 that might actually be the more handsome car. Reason being is that it’s subtle and reserved, which will allow it to age better than any of its Bavarian cousins. In twenty years time, enthusiasts will still be looking at the F90 M5 as a fantastic looking super sedan. That is if we’re not all living in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque world of dune buggies and flame guitar-wielding psychopaths by then.

Prior to its LCI, the M5 was a handsome but a bit bland. Now, post-LCI, it’s just stylish enough, with its new and more modern headlights, updated grille design and slightly tweaked taillights. However, What I think helps it the most is timing.

With designs like the 4 Series having debuted recently, putting a bad taste in enthusiasts’ mouths, more subdued and reserved designs from BMW are more welcome than ever. And something with a grille that’s reasonably sized from BMW is refreshing after seeing more and more absolutely enormous grilles. So maybe the M5 isn’t the best BMW design but it’s just so refreshing that it might seem to be. One thing’s for sure, the new BMW M5 LCI is a welcome sight and its more reserved design language we hope to see more of in the future.