The BMW Isetta needs no more introduction in the automotive world. This is one peculiar looking car when you first gaze upon it but, once you learn the story behind it, you’ll soon have a change of heart. The Isetta is credited with getting BMW through some really tough times and its quirky design and front door make it an instant symbol for fans of the Bavarian company. Now, the Isetta could become a toy as well, if Lego agrees to make it.

What you’re looking at here today is a concept published in the Lego Ideas community. In case you didn’t know, this is a special area on the Lego website where random people can propose various designs for the company to put in production. We’ve seen a couple of BMWs on there before and now we’re looking at a proposal for a Lego Isetta. The kit is said to have 851 pieces and the final product should be 8.7 inches long, 5.2 inches wide and 5 inches tall.

This being a proper Lego proposition, the design follows the original quite accurately. The Lego Isetta has a front door with and, once open, you can see the steering wheel attached to it. According to the creator, it was quite a challenge to make it.

That wasn’t the only hiccup he encountered while creating this replica out of Legos:”It was also a challenge to capture the curved shapes of the car and the interior.” The result is a blockier and edgier body, but it stays close to the original design and still embodies the personality of the real Isetta.”

I don’t know about you but this little bundle of joy looks great and it even includes a briefcase attached on the rear end! I’d love to see it come to fruition so I urge you to go on the Lego Ideas website and vote this project. At the moment, the Lego Isetta has over 2,100 votes but it needs 10,000 to be reviewed by the company and then possibly get approved.

Let’s make it happen!