BMW Welt is opening up again to all visitors on May 15th after the 2-month closure period amid the CoVID-19 outspread. Starting May 15th, BMW Welt will again be opened to general public, on a daily basis (Monday to Sunday) between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. Until May 25th, the Cooper’s Bistro will offer food & beverage to-go service, as to ensure social distancing and to allow for a gradual reopening.

The exhibition and vehicle collection areas within the facility, together with the Junior Campus, the BMW Lifestyle & Accessory Shop, the Cooper’s Bistro, the Bavaria restaurant and the EssZimmer 2-star Michelin restaurant will become fully available to visitors beginning with May 25th.

To celebrate the reopening, the Double Cone structure of the impressive BMW Welt building will display a special lighting from May 14th to May 24th. A red, pulsating heartbeat motif will be featured as a sign of confidence and to symbolize the revival of BMW Welt.

Helmut Käs, Head of BMW Welt, commented on the event: “In recent weeks, large parts of public life have come to a complete standstill. We are very pleased that life is cautiously starting to return to normal and that we are allowed to open up again for visitors. With our lighting display we want to create a symbol of hope and togetherness during this opening-up phase.”

BMW’s European Delivery Program is Cancelled and I’m Sad

If you want to take a ride in the new, all-electric MINI Cooper SE, make sure to file for a prior registration on the BMW Welt website. Beginning with May 16th, upon taking all safety and hygiene measures, you will be able to drive purely electric MINI on the forecourt of BMW Welt. Rides will available daily between 10 AM and mid-day and between 2 PM and 4 PM.

The showrooms, sales rooms and vehicle collection service have already become available once again to general public since May 4th, ensuring the compliance with all the necessary health and safety regulations as to limit the risk of infection.

We previously reported that the European Delivery Program at BMW Welt will be discontinued from September 2020.