The BMW X8 M is coming and it will be the first-ever bespoke M model, meaning that it won’t be based on a pre-existing BMW Series production car. Instead, it will be developed from the ground up by the M Division (though, it will have some BMW Group stuff, such as electronics and what not). When it debuts, it will be a huge deal for BMW M, as it could make or break the future of bespoke M models. With it being so important, it’s going to need to look good. This new render of the X8 M looks… well, not too bad, actually. (We don’t own the render but it can be seen here)

There are a lot of ways the BMW X8 M can go wrong, style-wise. From what we’ve been told, it’s going to be a coupe-ish SUV, with a more aggressively raked roofline and a lower overall profile than a traditional SUV. Typically, those aren’t the best looking of SUV. This render also sports BMW’s new kidney grille design, which is about as polarizing as it gets. So it’s not off to a great start.

Having said that, this render is actually kind of cool. During a recent podcast episode, we talked about the X8 M’s need for bold styling. If BMW M wants to compete in the realm of the Audi RS Q8, Aston Martin DBX and Lamborghini Urus, it’s going to need to look a bit nuts. This render does just that.

A different BMW X8 M render

It’s butch, muscular and aggressive and every single design element is simply enormous. Its kidney grilles, the same trim-less sort we’ve seen on M4 leaked photos, looks better on an SUV than it does on a car, due to more compatible proportions. Its front air intakes are large enough to inhale small cows and its M treatments (fender air vent, M mirrors and double-bubble roof) combine to make it look angrier than Gordon Ramsey seeing a well-done Filet Mignon, which is a good thing in this realm of car.

This specific render also gives the BMW X8 M some styling cues from the little X2, of all cars. So it gets the funky C-pillar and Hofmeister Kink, along with the BMW Roundel on said C-pillar. Oddly enough, it seems to work. Most enthusiasts, or sighted humans, wouldn’t think to make the X2 bigger but it actually doesn’t look bad.

We honestly don’t know what the BMW X8 M will look like when it debuts, as our sources have yet to reveal any hints to us. However, if it ends up looking like this, it might actually have a shot at succeeding. We’l all just have to wait and see.

[Source: Motor1]