The entire BMW Group seems so sensible these days. It seems like every decision the massive German company makes is made by a computer, calculating potential profits and losses. I guess that’s because it’s a giant German company… I digress. In the midst of all the gray sensibility, there seems to be a flash of colorful madness shining through; a bit of silly, stupid fun. The MINI John Cooper Works GP.

Despite being a brand whose ethos is built on the notion of fun, MINI has become a bit too sensible as of late. Cars like the Countryman and Cooper SE reek of spreadsheets and focus groups. Not so with the MINI JCW GP, though. Oh no, the GP is a full-on, foam-at-the-mouth psychopath whose sole purpose is to be fun. In this new review from Auto Express, it seems that it’s exactly that. Fun.

Powering the MINI John Cooper Works GP is a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder that’s been boosted to make a whopping 302 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. It’s the same basic engine that powers the BMW M135i but seems more lively and excitable in the GP, says Auto Express. Due to the lack of sound-deadening material and its more stripped-out nature, you can hear and feel all of the engine’s fury. It’s not the most sonorous engine, apparently, but it’s angry and exciting.

More importantly, it seems to have a nice balance of stiff, track-handling ability and daily comfort. That suppleness is important, as being overly stiff can actually make the car handle worse. So while the JCW GP was actually designed to be a monster track car, it’s also a fun road car, which is key to its success.

I personally haven’t driven the GP yet but that time is coming soon and I honestly can’t wait. It sounds like so much fun.

[Source: Auto Express]