The all-new MINI JCW GP last week at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It has been a long road from the first mention of this car to us actually getting to see it but it’s finally here and it might as well be worth the wait. Until I get to drive it, I can’t really tell if this limited-run model is going to deliver the thrills you expect but, that’s what we’re trying to find out today, courtesy of one of the first videos with it in real life.

Our host today is none other than Rory Reid and he goes over some interesting details you might’ve missed about this new MINI JCW GP . We all know it has over 300 HP and it’s blazing fast but some of the intricate details the MINI people worked hard at implementing here is worth noting. For example, the air curtains on the sides of the wheel arches are made of CFRP made partly from material recycled from the production of the i3 and i8.

The front and rear axles are wider and have more camber while the huge wing at the back has a practical use along with telling everyone your car means business. MINI doesn’t really say how much downforce it adds to the mix, but do you really care? Inside the cabin the MINI JCW GP gets a new instrument cluster, taken from the MINI Cooper SE electric while the steering wheel paddles are made using a special 3D printing process.

In this case though, the thing that matters most is how the car drives. The MINI JCW GP comes with a special DSC module that has three settings: on, off and GP mode. That third option lets you play with the car and cuts in to save you from crashing. The mechanical diff up front should also help with the turning. The car is available for orders right now, deliveries are set to kick off in March 2020.